Sunday, 16 May 2010

my weekend

Yesterday I went to see my friend Louisa, took her her copy of the baby shower invite, which she loved. She immediately got out her baby record book that her sister bought her and said it will be kept forever in here! (she still has my first card on her fridge!)

on the inside;

Louisa your baby boy is on the way
So let’s get you prepared for the big day,
With a big girlie party on the 30th of May
Especially for you, what do you say?

A little get together will be such a treat,
In honour of you and someone
we just can’t wait to meet!

Bottles and booties and bibs and more,
There will be food and games
and gifts galore!

The place to be is at your mum‘s,
7pm sharp for lots of fun
So please accept this invitation to
Celebrate you becoming a fantastic mum!

Went for a walk with her dog, then on to lunch and after went shopping for baby things - was a lovely day with my friend, was only meant to pop and see her in the morning whilst her partner was at work but didn't get home til gone 4.30pm. Where my little cat Tia was waiting for me on the wall outside our house as I got out the car.

Last night she was knocked over by a car, poor little girl. A neighbour came and and got us, there son saw it. Jon brought her in, her brother came down the stairs and just walked passed her wanting to go out. Will be getting out some photo's and making a scrapbook. Perfect little cat so friendly and I will miss her everyday. She was my alarm clock she would wake me up every morning by coming a sitting on me for a cuddle. Buried her in the garden today - so so sad. Got to watch her brother now, make sure he's ok. The dogs know something's up and are coming to us for lots of cuddles.

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